I am an amateur photographer based in Lincolnshire. I spend much of my time taking landscape images or images of objects within landscapes.
I have had an interest in photography for many years but also for many years had little opportunity to exercise that interest because of other commitments. Digital photography provided a relief from the time consuming elements of film and also allowed me to control the process from click to print.

Landscape photography is my main area of interest. I like returning to known locations on a regular basis in order to capture different moods and seasonal variations of lighting etc. Knowing a location well does, I think, help. I like to edit my images, to reinterpret them. Often I end up with a number of "interpretations" of the same image. This process often results in improved images, sometimes not.

If I have a philosophy to fling in the direction of photography it is quite simply that it should be fun. If the photographer enjoys the process it is at least possible that others may find some enjoyment when looking at the images.

If you have enjoyed looking at these images please let me have your comments.

If not, my name is Jones and I cannot remember my email address.
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